Znamenskaya Church in Dubrovitsy

Moscow, Russia

Znamenskaya Church in Dubrovitsy

The Church of the Theotokos of the Sign (Dubrovitsy), or The Church of the Holy Sign of the Mother of God in Dubrovitsy, (Russian: Церковь Зна́мения Пресвятой Богоро́дицы в Дубровицах) is a Russian Orthodox church in the village of Dubrovitsy, Podolsk Urban Okrug, Moscow Oblast, Russia. Dubrovitsy is located about 36 km South of Moscow (16 km from the Moscow Ring Road; along the highway Podolsk-Dubrovitsy 6 km). The Dubrovitsy Estate used to belong to the noble families of Morozov, Golitsyn and Dmitriev-Mamonov. The estate consists of a palace, a Horse yard with Gothic gate, several outbuildings, a church and a park. The church is famous for its unique architecture, unusual to Russian architecture, as well as a mysterious history.

The village of Dubrovitsy was first mentioned in the Peremyshlskaya church chronicles in 1627: “An old estate in the village of Dubrovitsy on the Pakhra River at the mouth of the Desna, owned by the Boyar Ivan Vasilyevich Morozov … “. Ivan Morozov († 1655) belonged to an ancient boyar family associated with Moscow from the middle of the XIV century. In 1635-1655, he repeatedly headed the boyar commissions for the management of Moscow in the absence of the Tsar.

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