München, Germany


The Ruffinihaus ("Ruffini House") is a group of three houses (also known as Ruffinihäuser) on the Rindermarkt ("cattle market") 10 in the Old Town of Munich, Germany. It was built by Gabriel von Seidl from 1903 to 1905 and is named after the Ruffiniturm ("Ruffini tower", demolished in 1808), which in turn was named after Johann Baptista Ruffini. The Ruffiniturm formed the original Sendlinger Tor ("Sendlinger gate") and thus was part of Munich's first city wall. The three-sided house that borders the Sendlinger Street and Pettenbeck Street stands on what was the fluvial terrace of the first medieval fortification's moat, as can still be seen today when viewed from the southeast. This is a prominent site by virtue of both being a historical location and marking the transition point between the oldest core of the city and its first expansion in the 13th century. The Bavarian Office of Monument Preservation describes the building as "romantic-native mood architecture of the highest level for the interpretation of a historicist image of an old town as seen under a picturesque ideal, which was meant to be 'upgraded'."

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