Auer Dult

Munich, Germany

Auer Dult

The Auer Dult is a traditional annual market in Munich, Germany, taking place three times per year on the Mariahilfplatz in the Munich district of Au. The first fair of the year, the so-called Maidult (May fair) is held in the first weekend of the month. The Jakobidult takes place in July or early August (beginning on the Saturday after the feast day of St. James) and the Kirchweihdult occurs in the week after Kermesse. Each one lasts nine days.

The Jakobidult was first established in 1310 on the meadow on which the modern day Sankt-Jakobs Platz was established. From 1791 it occurred on Kaufinger/Neuhauser street. In 1796 Elector Karl Theodor allowed the Munich suburb of Au east of the Isar the right to hold a fair (Dult) twice a year. From this came the name Auer Dult. With exception of the mid and post war years of 1943-1946 the fair has taken place three times per year since 1905.

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