Blumenstraße 29

Munich, Germany

Blumenstraße 29

The building at Blumenstraße 29 in Munich is a guest and rental house. It is registered as a historical monument building in the Bavarian List of Monuments.

The building is located in the south of the Angerviertel (Anger-quarter) in the Munich old town, in the district No 1 Altstadt-Lehel am Altstadtring. It is the only house on the south side of Blumenstraße, between Angertorstraße and Papa-Schmid-Straße, the corner house to the west belongs to Angertorstraße. The site is located outside the original city walls, in front of the Angertor, and in the area of the Baroque wall fortification from the 17th century, therefore listing it as historically protected.

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