Bonner Platz (Munich)

Munich, Germany

Bonner Platz (Munich)

Bonner Platz, 1906 named after the city of Bonn, is a square in the Schwabing district of Munich, in the Schwabing-West quarter. The underground station of the same name Bonner Platz of the line U3 is located here.

The following streets flows into the square (clockwise): from the west the Karl-Theodor-Stra├če, from the north the Bonner Stra├če, from the North East corner of the square to the east the Rheinstra├če, from the South East Corner of the square to the east Karl-Theodor-Stra├če and to the south Viktoriastra├če. The square is crossed diagonally by the western Karl-Theodor-Stra├če and the Rheinstra├če, which merge into each other here and belong to the busy city tangent Dietlindenstra├če - Potsdamer Stra├če - Rheinstra├če - Karl-Theodor-Stra├če - Ackermannstra├če. In contrast, the eastern Karl-Theodor-Stra├če is of secondary importance; it crosses the aforementioned through road and becomes Bonner Stra├če. In addition, there are narrow car park access roads on the northern, eastern and southern sides.

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