Dachauer Straße

Munich, Germany

Dachauer Straße

The Dachauer Straße is the longest street in Munich with a length of 11.2 km and it received its name since it is the connecting road to Dachau Palace. In the north of Munich, it is part of the Bundesstraße 304.

The Dachauer Straße begins today as a track-leading street of the tram lines 20 and 21 north of the Bahnhofplatz in the district of Maxvorstadt. Until 1877, the southern part of today's Dachauer Sraße to the height of Marsstraße was still part of the Schützenstraße. From Hirtenstraße, the Dachauer Straße then also serves for use by motor vehicle traffic, until Elisenstraße, as a one-lane One-way traffic and then carries on to the Stiglmaierplatz with two opposing lanes. From Stiglmaierplatz, the street picks up the multi-lane traffic coming from the south to Seidlstraße, where it mostly has two lanes through Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, to which it then crosses Leonrodplatz and leads to the height of the Olympic Park under the Landshuter Allee (Mittlerer Ring) through to the district of Moosach. There it crosses at the junction of Wintrich- with the Georg-Brauchle-Ring, at the intersection it once again like the Baubergerstraße and the Pelkovenstraße, continues on with single lanes on both sides and a little further north in Feldmoching-Hasenbergl after a bend below the track of the DB marshalling yard in a western direction, continues as a multi-lane road part of the national road 304. In this bend, the Max-Born-Straße from the East ends here and forms the further course of the national road 304. The Dachauer Straße then leads in a northwesterly direction over the railway tracks and the A 99 to the city or county boundary, where it continues in Karlsfeld under the name Münchner Straße. The northern route of the Dachauer Straße has been changed over time. In the former village Moosach, the old Dachauer Straße ran, since the middle of the 12th century, on the route of the today's Darmstädter, Batzenhofer and Quedlinburger Straße and received there direct route starting in the middle of the 18th century. Due to the construction of the marshalling yard Munich North between 1987 and 1991, the road was routed over the tracks again another 400m to the west.

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