Isar Gate

Munich, Germany

Isar Gate


Munich Isartor station is a station opened in 1972 on the Munich S-Bahn on the trunk line between Munich Central Station (German: Hauptbahnhof) and Munich East station (Ostbahnhof). It is located below Isartorplatz and the Thierschstra├če/Zweibr├╝ckenstra├če intersection in Munich and is named after the nearby Isartor city gate. It is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 4 station.

Like all other stations on the trunk line, it has two entrances. The Western entrance leads to a vast mezzanine on the Altstadtring/Tal/Zweibr├╝ckenstra├če intersection and the eastern entrance starts at the courtyard of the Breiterhof shopping arcade between Thierschstra├če and Liebherrstra├če.

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