Karl-Preis-Platz (Munich U-Bahn)

Munich, Germany

Karl-Preis-Platz (Munich U-Bahn)

Karl-Preis-Platz is a Munich U-Bahn station on line U2. Since 12. December 2011 it is also used by the booster line U7 in the morning.

The station is situated below Claudius-Keller-Stra├če in the borough of Ramersdorf. The walls are covered by grey-beige-colored panels, the floor is paved with artificial gravels that resemble gravels from the river Isar. The pillars are covered by grey-beige-colored tiles. The ceiling has rows of neon tubes and is faced with aluminium lamellae. At the western end you can get to the surface using a ramp. At the eastern end you use stairs to get to a mezzanine. From there you can reach the junction Claudius-Keller-Stra├če/Rosenheimer Stra├če.

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