Karstadt München Bahnhofplatz

Munich, Germany

Karstadt München Bahnhofplatz

The Karstadt München Bahnhofplatz is a department store of the Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH located in Maxvorstadt, Munich.

The traditional, historically protected department store was built between 1904 and 1905 according to designs by the Munich architect Max Littmann for the department store chain Hermann Tietz, opposite the Hauptbahnhof, and opened on 14 March 1905. In the design of the building, Littmann used elements of the German Renaissance, following the historicizing taste of the time. The former department store Tietz is a five-storey hipped roof construction with protrusions, stair towers, gables and dormers. It was built in a skeletal steel construction with reduced historicizing façade structures, partly with muschelkalk. The sculptural façade decoration is by Julius Seidler, Jakob Bradl and Fidel Enderle.

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