Munich, Germany


Kurfürstenplatz is a square in the Munich district of Schwabing and is located about two and a half kilometres north of the city centre. It is the intersection of several streets and tram lines and was built in 1915 and named after the Elector Maximilian II. Emanuel, born in Munich in 1662.

The Kurfürstenplatz is located in the centre of Schwabing and belongs to the district Schwabing-West. In the east-west direction Hohenzollernstraße runs across Kurfürstenplatz and crosses Schwabing over a length of about two kilometres. Belgradstraße branches off to the north, an approximately two-kilometre-long connection to the north forming section of the Mittlerer Ring. To the south, both Nordendstraße and Kurfürstenstraße branch off from Kurfürstenplatz and run parallel for almost one kilometre to Maxvorstadt in the south. Via Belgradstraße and Nordendstraße, road traffic flows from the northern district of Milbertshofen to Kurfürstenplatz and towards the city centre.

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