Munich, Germany


The Luitpoldkaserne, originally Luftschifferkaserne, was a kaserne at Infanteriestra├če 19 in Munich, Germany, which was built after 1896 to accommodate the air skippers unit of the Bavarian army, which was disposed in 1890.

The small barracks were built together with other military facilities in the North of the old town near the Oberwiesenfeld artillery training area in the end of the 19th┬ácentury. In 1931/32 the facility was increased. After World War II the barracks were shortly used to house refugees from Eastern Europe, led by the International Refugee Organization and entrusted to the Russians. Those in charge were Russians who had fled Russia in the 1920s. It was rebuilt by the United States forces, housing refugees from Eastern Europe and were used afterwards by the Bundeswehr from 1955 until 1999. In 1957 the Sanit├Ątstruppenschule des Heeres (Army Medical School, later Bundeswehr Medical School) moved to the barracks. In 1980 the follow-on institution moved to the Ernst-von-Bergmann-Kaserne. Other users were the Bundeswehrfachschule Munich, a professional school and predecessor of the Bundeswehrfachschule-/Zivile Aus- und Weiterbildungsbetreuungsstelle B M├╝nchen (BwFachS-/ZAW-BeSt B MCH), and the recruitment center of the Bundeswehr for the region of southern Germany.

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