Munich, Germany


The Rindermarkt is one of the oldest streets in Munich, which connects to the Marienplatz in the north through the former Inner Sendlinger Tor. Its continuation today forms the Sendlinger Straße, which leads to the (outer) Sendlinger Tor.

Originally, this street was used as a cattle marketplace, from which the name of the street derives. Later, noble patricians built their homes here. During the Second World War, the houses on Rindermarkt were badly affected. During the reconstruction, the original roads were extended in the direction of Oberanger to today's place. Only the north side of today's Rindermarkt still follows the old street routes. Today, the Munich Rindermarkt acts as a haven in the midst of the old town of Munich. Many traditional companies and retail shops have settled there. During the Advent time, the Kripperlmarkt took place there until 2011 as part of the traditional Christmas markets.

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