Weißenburger Platz

Munich, Germany

Weißenburger Platz

Weißenburger Platz is a square in Munich's Franzosenviertel (French Quarters) in the Haidhausen district. In the middle of the concentrically arranged square is the Glaspalast-Brunnen (glass palace fountain), designed by August von Voit in 1853. This was initially located in the Glaspalast in the Alter Botanischer Garten - hence the name. At the end of the 19th century the fountain was moved to Orleansplatz. When the Ostbahnhof (East Train Station) there was rebuilt, the Glaspalast-Brunnen had to make room and was moved to the nearby Weißenburger Platz. After dusk the fountains water feature is illuminated.

Around the Glaspalast-Brunnen there are flowerbeds, which are planted several times a year. This circular green space is framed by a row of trees, under which benches are placed, and a ring-shaped street, which is partly a pedestrian zone. Five streets run towards Weißenburger Platz in the shape of a star: Metzstraße and Weißenburger Straße on both sides, and Lothringer Straße, where the municipal art gallery Lothringer13 is located near the square. In the buildings surrounding Weißenburger Platz there are various shops, restaurants, a pharmacy and a medical centre.

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