Zenith (building)

Munich, Germany

Zenith (building)

The Kulturhalle Zenith (also known as the Zenith Halle or simply Zenith) is an events hall located in the Schwabing-Freimann borough of Munich, Germany. Originally opening in 1918 as a part of a railway repair shop, the hall was converted into performance venue in 1994. Since its opening in August 1996, it has hosted concerts, fairs and company presentations.

The venue was built in 1918 as Halle 5 of the Ausbesserungswerk München-Freimann. Used as a railway construction and reparation hall, the venue faced massive damage during World War II. The hall reopened in 1927, becoming a boiling shop for locomotives. The shop remained in operation until 1992. It was sold by Deutsche Bahn to local entrepreneur Wolfgang Nöth. In 1994, Nöth began converting the space into a performance venue. The space, now known as Kulturhalle Zenith, opened August 1996. The venue can hold nearly 6,000 guests.

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