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Nairobi Gallery


The Nairobi Gallery (Swahili: Nyumba ya sanaa ya Nairobi) is an art gallery located in the capital of Kenya. The gallery is dedicated to showcasing African art.

The building was designed by C. Rand Ovary, the construction of which was completed in 1913 for the Ministry of Native Affairs, during colonial times, served as a government office that would have the function of counting marriages, births and deaths. From 1963, the building was used as the Provisional Commissioner's office until 1984. The building was later used as Kanu's branch office of Nairobi until 1997. In 1995, the building was declared a national monument. In 1997, ownership of the building was passed to the National Museums of Kenya. In 1999, the state corporation began the process of renovating the building. In 2005, the renovation work was completed and the gallery opened for the first time. During 2019, the National Museums of Kenya collaborated with Google to digitize the Nairobi gallery's exhibits to the Google Arts & Culture platform as well as add an adapted version of Google Street View to the museum's rooms.

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