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Nanhui District (simplified Chinese: 南汇区; traditional Chinese: 南匯區; pinyin: Nánhuì Qū; lit. 'South-confluence District'), formerly romanized as Nanhwei, was a district of Shanghai until it was merged into Pudong New Area in May 2009. It had a land area of about 809.5 km2 (312.5 sq mi) and a 59.5 km (37.0 mi) coastline. The population of Nanhui was 975,017 as of August 2006. On May 6, 2009, it was announced that the State Council of China had approved the proposal to merge Nanhui District into Pudong, which is also a district of Shanghai.

About 2000 years ago, the water of the Yangtze River ran to the south because of sea tide and met the Qiantang River so as to form the land near the Tang dynasty, so this district was named by Nanhuizui (Nan is South, Hui means converge, and Zui means mouth in Chinese). Nanhui County was established from Shanghai County in 1726.

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