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Nantucket is an island and town 30 mi (48 km) off the coast of Cape Cod and part of Massachusetts. The island offers quiet harbors, dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches, lighthouses, beautiful old mansions and gardens, interesting history – even a series of (sometimes bawdy) limericks about its residents. Whether you’re looking for a few nights out on the town with friends, a fun-filled weekend with the kids, or a little R&R, Nantucket is where you want to be.

Nantucket is a small island, 3.5 by 14 miles long. It is frequented by CEOs, executives, lawyers, bankers, surgeons, and megastars – and others looking for a getaway. It gives them an opportunity, while enjoying a few Bloody Marys on the beach, to get away from the intense city and work atmosphere with their families and friends. They are able to enjoy many of the fine and casual dining restaurants the island has to offer. Many people come to Nantucket because they know that it is a location where five-star service is quite common. Tourists are treated to the finest seafood and other cuisines. Nantucket also has some of the most exclusive golf clubs, lodges, restaurants, beaches, and homes.

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