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Arenaccia is a historical neighborhood or zona of the Fourth Municipality of northeastern Naples, Italy. Its name derives from the Via Arenaccia road that divides the neighborhoods of San Lorenzo and Vicaria, which covers the area. The east-west boundaries are represented roughly by the Piazza Carlo III and the Corso Malta, while the north-west boundaries are represented from the beginning and end of the Via Arenaccia.

The district was created with the work of reorganization, to expand the city. A Royal Decree of 25 July 1885 approved the expansion in ten districts of the town of Naples (Arenaccia, Sant'Eframo, Vecchio, Ottocalli, Ponti Rossi, Miradois, Materdei, Vomero-Arenella, Belvedere, and Rione Amedeo) and two suburban districts. Frank M. Snowden says of the district, "Arenaccia, Ottocalli and S. Maria delle Paludi instantly became unhygienic modern slums. To live in Arenaccia, however, denoted a position of relative privilege."

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