Piazza Mercato

Naples, Italy

Piazza Mercato


Santa Croce e Purgatorio al Mercato is a church in the center of the Piazza Mercato, in Naples, Italy.

A religious building has stood at this site since the 13th century when Conradin of Swabia was decapitated by orders of Charles I d'Anjou, on October 29, 1268. A porphyry column at the site read: Asturis ungue, leo pullum rapiens aquilinum; hic deplumavit acephalumque dedit which loosely translates: At the point of Astura, the lion seized the eagle, here without feathers, gave his head. This references the capture of Conradin (eagle) by the Angevin (Lion) at the Torre Astura, and subsequent beheading here without honor.

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