San Nicola alla Carità

Naples, Italy

San Nicola alla Carità

The church of St. Nicholas the Charitable (it: Chiesa di San Nicola alla Carità) is a church located on via Toledo, almost midway between Piazza Carità and Piazza Dante in Naples, Italy.

The church was founded in 1647, thanks to a donation of about 6000 ducats to the Pious Workers by a nobleman of the time, as a reward for their welfare work. The building of the church, designed by Onofrio Antonio Gisolfi, was interrupted by the plague that struck the city in 1656, and was completed in 1682 by Cosimo Fanzago, who worked under the patronage of Cardinal Diego Innico Caracciolo di Martina. The church underwent various reconstructions. In eighteenth century the facade was rebuilt by Salvatore Gandolfo, following designs of Francesco Solimena. During the ten years of French occupation, the church was deconsecrated and it housed a Corps of Engineers. In 1843 the structure was restored by Guglielmo Turi.

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