Sant'Anna dei Lombardi

Naples, Italy

Sant'Anna dei Lombardi

Sant'Anna dei Lombardi, (Italian St. Anne of the Lombards), and also known as Santa Maria di Monte Oliveto, is an ancient church and convent located in piazza Monteoliveto in central Naples, Italy. Across Monteoliveto street from the Fountain in the square is the Renaissance palace of Orsini di Gravina.

The church was originally built in 1411 by Gurello Orilia or Origlia, protonotary of the king Ladislas of Durazzo, who sponsored the construction of Santa Maria di Monte Oliveto, as it was first called. Some refer to this as the Church of Monteoliveto (it:Chiesa di Monteoliveto). The church was sited near the Palazzo Carafa di Maddaloni. It was entrusted to the Benedictine order of Olivetans, whose mother house is Monte Oliveto Abbey in Tuscany. The convent received extensive patronage from Alfonso I of Aragon and members of his court. Further reconstructions of the church took place in 1581 by Domenico Fontana. In the 17th century, the church and convent were reconstructed in a Baroque style by Gaetano Sacco.

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