Santa Brigida, Naples

Naples, Italy

Santa Brigida, Naples

Santa Brigida is a church located on Via Santa Brigida in central Naples, Italy. The church is a few doors down from one of the entrances to the Galleria Umberto I.

The origins of the church date to 1609, when a local merchant Giovanni Antonio Bianco dedicated a chapel to Santa Brigida. He also built a conservatory for widows. But the work was blocked by the curia of Naples, and the structure, with the archbishop's consent, was sold to Giovanna Guevarra, and the church was able to open by 1610 under the Lucchesi fathers, which during 1637-1640 expanded the church and the convent, which now is part of Palazzo Barbaja. Because of its location near the Castel Nuovo, the Spanish authorities demanded that the church only have a low dome (9 metres), which would not have blocked the view from gunners in the Castle. The Lucchese fathers remained until their order was suppressed under the French occupation; they were reinstated during the Bourbon restoration. Ultimately they were again expelled after unification of Italy under the House of Savoy in 1862.

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