Santa Maria degli Angeli alle Croci

Naples, Italy

Santa Maria degli Angeli alle Croci

Santa Maria degli Angeli alle Croci is a Baroque style, Roman Catholic church in Naples, Italy, located on via Veterinaria, near the Botanical Gardens. The extramural church gained its name because the road leading up to this hill here passed a series of crosses.

The church was founded in 1581, but underwent reconstruction in 1638 by the architect Cosimo Fanzago. He avoided the prevalent polychrome marble decoration of churches, and adhered to the characteristic plainness of many Observant Franciscan Order churches. The columns from within the church were likely appropriated from another older church. The main altar has 17th century wooden statues by Fra' Diego da Careri. The statue of St Francis and putti on the facade are attributed by some to Fanzago, but some documents point to a little known Franciscan friar-sculptor. Fanzago also sculpted the statues of St Peter and St Paul for the holy water fonts. His son Carlo Fanzago sculpted a bas-relief for the main altar depicting the Deposed Christ. The Cloister has frescoes depicting Gospel stories by Belisario Corenzio.

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