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Narathiwat (Thai: นราธิวาส, pronounced [nā.rāː.tʰí.wâːt]) is a town (thesaban mueang) in southern Thailand and capital of Narathiwat Province. The town is in the Mueang Narathiwat District and was established in 1936. As of 2008, the population was 40,521. It lies 1,141 km south of Bangkok.

Narathiwat is on the east coast of the Malay Peninsula, by the Gulf of Thailand. The Bang Nara River flows through the town. The immediate vicinity of the town is flat or gently rolling, but there are hills both to the west and south.

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Weather in Narathiwat

April is the hottest month ☀️, with average temperature of 82° degrees. January is the coldest month ❄️, with average temperature of 79° degrees. November is the wettest month 💧, with 18.9 In. of rain and/or snow.

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