Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

Nashville, United States

Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park


Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, also known as the Bicentennial Mall, is an urban state park in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The park is located northwest of the Tennessee State Capitol building and was opened on June 1, 1996, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the establishment of Tennessee’s statehood. Receiving more than 2.5 million visitors annually, it is the most visited of Tennessee's 56 state parks.

The 19-acre (77,000 m2) park has its borders defined by Jefferson Street on the north, James Robertson Parkway on the south, 6th Avenue North on the east and 7th Avenue North on the west. It is situated directly north of the hill that contains the Tennessee State Capitol, which is distinctly visible from the park. The Nashville Farmers' Market is to the park's immediate west. The Tennessee State Museum is located directly west of the park's north end, and the Tennessee State Library and Archives is east of the north end.

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