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Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas. It is the largest city in the Bahamas and its low-rise sprawl dominates the eastern half of New Providence Island. The city's name is locally pronounced like "NAH-sor" but without the R.

Founded around 1650 by the British as Charles Town, the town was renamed in 1695 to honor the ruling house in the Netherlands (and later England), which ultimately derives from Nassau Castle, Rhineland Palatinate. Due to the Bahamas' strategic location near trade routes and its multitude of islands, Nassau soon became a popular pirates' den, and British rule was soon challenged by the self-proclaimed "Privateers Republic" under the leadership of the infamous Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard. However, the alarmed British soon tightened their grip, and by 1720 the pirates had been killed, switched to more legitimate businesses or driven out.

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