Vekoma Illusion

Nederheide, Belgium

Vekoma Illusion

The Illusion is a fully enclosed tubular steel roller coaster, manufactured by Vekoma. It runs on Vekoma's narrow MK-700 track system. Two were built, both in 1989, Chaos in Opryland USA (Tennessee), and Revolution / Mount Mara in Bobbejaanland (Belgium). Only the one in Belgium is still active.

The Illusion runs a single long train, with up to 30 cars stretching up to 180' long. Each narrow car carries two people sitting inline, bobsled style. The whole track is built inside a dark room, except the base station where people have to take place in the train. The dark room has two major parts: an inner room and an outer room. The train first enters the inner room where the track is a straight up-going helix. Once the train is at top, the track enters the outer room and changes into a bumped down-going helix. In the final part, the track goes back into the inner room where the train is at its top speed of 30 mph. Finally, the track ends at the base station.

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