Depot Street Bridge

New Haven, United States

Depot Street Bridge

The Depot Street Bridge is a historic bridge in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, carrying Depot Street over the Naugatuck River. Built in 1935 with federal jobs relief funds, it is one of a small number of surviving Parker through truss bridges in the state. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.

The Depot Street Bridge is located near the southern end of the village of Beacon Falls, across Main Street (Connecticut Route 852) from the former Home Woolen Company mill complex. It is oriented across the Naugatuck River in a roughly northeast-to-southwest direction, carrying Depot Street between Main Street and Railroad Avenue. The bridge consists of two Parker through truss spans, with a total length of 207 feet (63 m). It is 45 feet (14 m) wide, accommodating two vehicular travel lands and pedestrian walkways on both sides. Its decks are concrete, supported by steel I-beam stringers; the roadway is paved in asphalt.

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