Old Ursuline Convent Museum

New Orleans, United States

Old Ursuline Convent Museum


Ursuline Convent (French: Couvent des Ursulines) was a series of historic Ursuline convents in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1726, nuns from the Ursuline Convent of Rouen (Normandy) went to New Orleans to found a convent, run a hospital, and take care of educating young girls.

The first building for the Ursuline nuns in New Orleans was designed by Ignace François Broutin in 1727 when the nuns arrived in New Orleans. Michael Zeringue (Johann Michael Zehringer), the King's Master Carpenter from Franconia, Bavaria and progenitor of all "Zeringue" families in Louisiana was the builder. Planning, collecting material, and construction took years. Existing drawings show the building in 1733, although it was not officially finished until the following year.

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