Bowling Green Offices Building

New York City, United States

Bowling Green Offices Building

The Bowling Green Offices Building (also known as the Bowling Green Building, Bowling Green Offices, or 11 Broadway) is an office building located at 11 Broadway, across from Bowling Green park in the Financial District of Manhattan in New York City. The 21-story building, erected between 1895 and 1898, is 272.5 feet (83.1 m) tall.

The Bowling Green Offices Building was built to a Hellenic Renaissance-style design by W. & G. Audsley. The building's articulation consists of three horizontal sections similar to the components of a column—namely a base, shaft, and capital—and has a facade of granite at its base and white brick on the upper stories. The building contains an interior skeleton of structural steel, several ornamental features on the facade, as well as a floor plan that maximizes natural light exposure.

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