Brick House (Leigh)

New York City, United States

Brick House (Leigh)

Brick House is a 16-foot (4.9 m) tall bronze bust of a black woman by Simone Leigh, installed along New York City's High Line in 2019. Another copy of the sculpture was installed at the main entrance of the University of Pennsylvania in November 2020. This statue is the first sculpture in Simone Leigh’s Anatomy of Architecture series, which combines architectural forms from varied regions with elements of the human body.

The sculpture’s head is crowned with an afro framed by two asymmetric cornrow braids that each end in a cowrie shell. Meanwhile, the torso of the sculpture, 9 feet (2.7 m) in diameter, combines the form of a skirt with a clay house based on architectural styles from Africa and the southern United States. While the sculpture has traditionally Black features, it lacks a pair of eyes, which allows the identity of the sculpture to remain ambiguous so that it cannot be attached to one specific Black individual or group.

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