Center for Court Innovation

New York City, United States

Center for Court Innovation

The Center for Court Innovation is an American non-profit organization headquartered in New York that was founded in an attempt to create a fairer, more effective, and more humane justice system by offering aid to victims, reducing crime, and improving public trust in justice.

Originally founded as a public/private partnership between the New York State Unified Court System and the Fund for the City of New York, the Center for Court Innovation creates operating programs to test new ideas and solve problems, performs original research to determine what works (and what doesn't), and provides assistance to justice reformers around the world. The Center’s projects include community-based violence prevention projects, alternatives to incarceration, reentry initiatives, and court-based programs such as the Midtown Community Court and Red Hook Community Justice Center as well as drug courts, reentry courts, domestic violence courts, mental health courts and others. Their goal is to reduce the use of unnecessary incarceration and promote positive individual and family change.

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