Chelsea Corners

New York City, United States

Chelsea Corners

Chelsea Corners was an apartment complex built in 1931 at 15th Street and 16th Street, in Chelsea, Manhattan. It is currently a co-op. The first building was completed at 200 West 16th Street in May 1931. The development was never finished, but its completion was planned for fall 1931. The Great Depression caused it to remain unfinished.

The projected cost was $50,000,000. Chelsea Corners was a portion of an undertaking by Henry Mandel to rebuild 7th Avenue (Manhattan), just below 23rd Street, with a number of tall apartment buildings. The establishments are made of variegated orange brick and were designed by Farrar & Watmough, who were also responsible for the design of Mandel's London Terrace and Parc Vendome.

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