Elizabeth H. Berger Plaza

New York City, United States

Elizabeth H. Berger Plaza

Elizabeth H. Berger Plaza is a public park in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York City. formed by the triangular junction of Trinity Place, Greenwich Street and Edgar Street. It faces the Manhattan exit ramp from the Brooklyn–Battery Tunnel. Formerly known as the Edgar Street Greenstreet, this park honors civic advocate Elizabeth H. Berger (1960-2013). In her role as president of the Downtown Alliance, she advocated for the fusion of two traffic triangles at this location into an expanded park. The park is located on the site of a former neighborhood known as Little Syria, a bustling immigrant community displaced by the construction of the tunnel in 1953.

At the north side of this park is Edgar Street, reputedly the shortest street in Manhattan. Its gentle downward slope, also visible in the surrounding east/west streets, is the vestige of a ridge or bluff that ran parallel with the shoreline and crested at about Broadway, where Trinity Church is sited. It was a narrow street in its early days, no more than eighteen feet wide, called ‘Tuyn Paat’ or ‘Garden Alley’ in the Dutch period (1624 -1664). When the British took control of the colony in 1664, the street name was changed with characteristic indifference to Tin Pot Alley.

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