Generator Sound Art

New York City, United States

Generator Sound Art

Generator Sound Art is an experimental arts and culture organization based in New York City, co-owned by the sound artists Gen Ken Montgomery and Scott Konzelmann. It focuses upon the work of dedicated Sound Artists, and is an umbrella organization that either facilitated or continues to facilitate the activities of the Generator Gallery / exhibition space, the Generations Unlimited audio recording label, and a second, eponymous audio recording label. Generator as a physical gallery / exhibition space existed in the East Village and then in Chelsea from 1989–1992.

The organization is non-commercial. Profits earned from Generator-related activities are split between the artists and a fund to support future sound art projects. Generator's emphasis on handmade, self-released audio works derives from the "cassette networking" or "Cassette culture" milieu of the 1980s–1990s,. The embrace of spontaneity and unintended consequences is another recurrent theme within Generator-affiliated work.

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