Grove Church Cemetery

New York City, United States

Grove Church Cemetery

The Grove Church Cemetery is a nonsectarian cemetery, located on the western slope of the Hudson Palisades, along with several other cemeteries in a string of green open space, in Hudson County, New Jersey, United States. The Grove Church, who owns the cemetery, is one of the oldest religious bodies in the area, and it has had an operating cemetery since 1847. Throughout its history, prominent families have been buried there, as well as American Civil war veterans. There have also been reports of vandalism and misuse of the property since the 19th century, and in 2007 some of the cemetery grounds were occupied by the homeless.

Grove Church Cemetery is located at 1132 46th Street in North Bergen, New Jersey. The cemetery also fronts Kennedy Boulevard which in the 19th century was known as Dallytown Road, or Bergenwood Road. Overlooking into the Secaucus, it starts at the top and extends onto the middle of the western face of the Hudson Palisades. Grove Church Cemetery is one of several burial sites on the western slope, along with Machpelah Cemetery, Hoboken Cemetery and Weehawken Cemetery, which is only a few blocks away from Grove Church along with Palisades Cemetery. These grounds constitute a string of green open spaces in North Hudson County. The gated entrance is across the street, east of the Bergenline Avenue station of the Hudson Bergen Light Rail in Union City, New Jersey.

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