Orchard (artist-run space)

New York City, United States

Orchard (artist-run space)

Orchard was an artist-run exhibition and event space located at 47 Orchard Street in New York's Lower East Side from 2005-2008. The gallery was run as a for-profit limited liability corporation founded for the project. The partners included artists, filmmakers, critics, art historians, and curators. Orchard was among early contemporary art projects and galleries that moved onto Orchard and generally the Lower East Side below Delancey Street along with Miguel Abreu Gallery, Reena Spaulings, and Scorched Earth. Brandon Joseph noted, "the Orchard 'project' treaded a fine—and perhaps ultimately impossible—line between self-reflexivity and (to use a barbaric neologism) self-complicity, which could veer at times into self-promotion."

Orchard's program focused on, "thematically, conceptually and politically driven group exhibitions and projects," according to the space's website.

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