Seagram Building

New York City, United States

Seagram Building

The Seagram Building is a skyscraper at 375 Park Avenue, between 52nd and 53rd Streets, in the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood of New York City. The building, measuring 515 feet (157 m) tall with 38 stories and a public plaza, was designed in the International Style by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Philip Johnson, Ely Jacques Kahn, and Robert Allan Jacobs. Completed in 1958, it initially contained the headquarters of the Seagram Company, a Canadian distiller.

The Seagram Building's design was heavily influenced by Phyllis Lambert, daughter of Seagram CEO Samuel Bronfman. It is one of the most notable examples of the functionalist aesthetic and a prominent instance of corporate modern architecture. The building's exterior is formed of a glass curtain wall with vertical mullions of bronze and horizontal spandrels made of Muntz metal. The pink granite plaza facing Park Avenue contains two fountains. Behind the plaza is a tall elevator lobby with a similar design to the plaza. The lowest stories originally contained the Four Seasons and Brasserie restaurants, which were respectively replaced by the Grill and Pool restaurant and the Lobster Club. The upper stories contain office spaces of modular construction.

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