The Music Building

New York City, United States

The Music Building

The Music Building is a music rehearsal facility at 584 Eighth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, United States. It is the largest music rehearsal facility in Manhattan with 69 studios on 12 floors that are leased to musicians. It is located near Times Square and allows 24/7 access to musicians. Notable musicians such as Madonna, Interpol, Billy Idol, Joey Ramone have been tenants at The Music Building. Numerous recordings have taken place at the Music Building by some of the notable tenants.

The Music Building was founded in 1979. There were initially two locations in Queens and Manhattan with Queens having more rap and heavy metal bands and Manhattan having more punk, rock, and pop bands. The Music Building in Manhattan became the focal point for all musicians when the Queens building was destroyed by fire in 1996.

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