Costessey Hall

Norwich, United Kingdom

Costessey Hall

Costessey Hall (pronounced and sometimes spelt Cossey Hall, also written as Cotesby Hall) was a manor house in Costessey, Norfolk, England, four miles west of Norwich. The first mention of it dates to 1066, when William I gave it to Alan Rufus, Earl of Richmond. It was then described as Costessey Manor.

In 1555, Mary I awarded it to Sir Henry Jerningham, for his support for Mary on the accession of Lady Jane Grey. It then had 22 sub-manors in Norfolk, plus manors in Hereford and Gloucestershire. Jerningham built a new manor house on the south side of the River Tud flowing through Costessey. The original manor house remained on the north side of the river and is still standing in Costessey Park. It may have been granted to Anne of Cleves by Henry VIII.

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