Horsford Castle

Norwich, United Kingdom

Horsford Castle

Horsford Castle is situated in the village of Horsford, 6 miles to the north of the city of Norwich.

Before the Norman conquest of England, Horsford was held by an Anglo-Saxon named Edric but after the conquest William the Conqueror granted the land to Robert Malet, the Lord of Eye. Robert was exiled after he sided against Henry I, but had by then granted the manor of Horsford to Walter de Caen. Walter built a motte and bailey castle on the site, in an area of heathland, possibly positioning his castle to make a political statement about his control of these pasturelands. He turned the surrounding area into a park. The motte was 77 metres by 85 metres wide, and around 2.3m high, with a single bailey 72 metres by 32 metres wide.

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