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Nova Varoš (Serbian Cyrillic: Нова Варош, pronounced [nɔ̂v̞aː v̞ǎːrɔʃ]) is a town and municipality located in the Zlatibor District of southwestern Serbia. The municipality of Nova Varoš has a population of 16,638, while the town of Nova Varoš itself has a population of 8,795 inhabitants.

Nova Varoš was founded in the middle of the 16th century. It is associated with the name of Skender-pasha of Genoa. When Skender-pasha, traveling from Bosnia to Constantinople (1530), stopped with his entourage on the plateau below the mountain Zlatar and was delighted with the beauty of this wooded area and the intoxicating smell of pine, he ordered a town to be built there. Settlements soon sprang up on the site of today's Nova Varoš. It was called Skender-pašina palanka (Skender-pasha's Palanka). When it grew to close to 2,000 houses, "a fire broke out and burned the palace to the ground" (Evliya Çelebi). Most of the inhabitants stayed there and built a new town which they called Jeni Kasaba, which in Serbian means Nova Varoš.

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