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Novosibirsk (Russian: Новосиби́рск nuh-vuh-see-BEERSK) is a city in Novosibirsk Oblast, Siberia, Russia. Its main interest for visitors is as a stop-off on the Trans-Siberian Railway, two days from Moscow.

The course of the Trans-Siberian Railway was dictated by where it was possible to span the great rivers of Siberia, and this altered as engineering techniques advanced. To cross the mighty River Ob, they eventually chose the village of Krivoshchekovskaya, founded in 1696. A new town grew up, at first called Novonikolayevsk (Новониколаевск), in honour both of Saint Nicholas and of the reigning Tsar Nicholas II. At the time of the bridge's opening in 1897, Novonikolayevsk's population was 7800; by 1907, when the population exceeded 47,000, it was granted town status with full rights for self-government.

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