Nürnberg Weißer Turm

Nürnberg, Germany

Nürnberg Weißer Turm


Weißer Turm station is a Nuremberg U-Bahn station, located on the U1 line. Located in the south-western part of Nuremberg's historical city and at the western end of the pedestrian-only shopping district. It serves as a destination for shoppers and shop employees during the day and provides transportation to the amusement venues (primarily bars and restaurants) located in the vicinity during the evenings. Like all subway stations in Nuremberg, it opens at about 5 am and closes at about 1 am Mondays to Sundays.

The station features an island platform with one track at each side located at -2 storeys. The 100 meter long platform is aligned in a northeast-southwest direction and has middle columns.

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