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Oakland is a port city in the Bay Area of California in the United States of America. Once overshadowed by San Francisco, its larger neighbor lying directly to the west, Oakland has begun to step out from under San Francisco's shadow with its notable natural and architectural features and its rise as the multicultural "hipster" city of the Bay Area. Visitors to the city notice that Oakland reflects its diversity and history.

While Oakland has neither the concentration of tourist amenities present in its western neighbor, San Francisco, nor the suburban sprawl of San Jose to the south, the visitor can easily spend a few pleasant days here. From the mid-1960s through the early twenty-first century, popular media stoked American racial and class biases to generate negative perceptions about Oakland. Since the late 1990s, however, the actual basis for these often exaggerated portraits of Oakland life have receded, as the city is experiencing an economic and cultural revitalization, as well as the more controversial hyper-gentrification. Oakland is now the Bay Area's most diverse city. Although still an underrated cultural center, its heady arts and culinary scene and ongoing revitalization have generated enthusiastic coverage in the world media of record, including the New York Times, The Guardian (UK), The Independent (UK), NPR, and the Los Angeles Times. The city gets its name because it has an abundance of oak trees.

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