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Ochamchire or Ochamchira (Georgian: ოჩამჩირე, [ɔtʃʰɑmtʃʰire] (listen); Abkhazian: Очамчыра, Ochamchyra; Russian: Очамчира, Ochamchira) is a seaside city on the Black Sea coast of Abkhazia, Georgia, and a centre of an eponymous district.

According to the 1979 Soviet population census, Ochamchire had 18,700 residents. After the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict of 1992–93, Ochamchire experienced a significant population decline due to ethnic cleansing of Georgians. Most of the internally displaced persons affected by the conflict have yet to return to the city. Ochamchire lies along the left bank of the Ghalidzga River where it enters the sea. The city is located 53 kilometres (33 miles) southeast of the Abkhazian capital of Sukhumi.

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