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ICEBAR Orlando


Icebar Orlando (stylized as ICEBAR Orlando) is an ice bar located in International Drive in Orlando, Florida. At over 1,200 square feet (110 m2), the company claims that it is the world's largest permanent ice bar. Its decor, furniture and glassware are constructed entirely of ice, and the bar also has various ice carvings. Icebar Orlando also runs a bar and nightclub named the Fire Lounge, which is located next to the ice bar and is maintained at a standard room temperature.

Icebar Orlando is composed of over 70 tons of carved ice, and is maintained at a temperature of 27 °F (−3 °C). Its interior, including the furniture such as couches, tables and chairs, walls, sculptures and various decor, is entirely constructed out of ice. It also has a fireplace sculpted in the appearance of Old Man Winter, which is fired with low-watt electric flames. Icebar Orlando was first sculpted by Aaron Costic, an Ohio-based artist. The facility was later expanded in 2008 by ice sculptor David Berman. In 2008, the projected monthly electric bill for Icebar Orlando was $3,500. Bioclimatic filters are used to reduce electricity costs.

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