Osaka, Japan


Expoland, located in Suita, Japan was opened as the amusement zone at the International Exposition in 1970 (Expo '70) in Osaka and thrived for over 30 years as an amusement park. There were more than 40 rides and attractions (including 8 roller coasters) and 19 restaurants and shops. The park was permanently closed in 2009.

On May 5, 2007, Fujin Raijin II, the park's TOGO stand-up coaster, derailed, killing a 19-year-old university student from Higashiomi, Shiga and injuring an additional nineteen guests. Initial reports said that forty people were injured, with thirty-one being taken to hospital. An investigation revealed that the ride derailed due to a broken axle. None of the ride vehicle's axles had been replaced for fifteen years. Following this accident, similar coasters at other Japanese parks were voluntarily shut down and inspected to see if they could also have the same axle flaw. Expoland was cited by authorities for faulty maintenance when similar axle cracks were found on a second train a month later.

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