Osaka Institute of Technology

Osaka, Japan

Osaka Institute of Technology

Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT, 大阪工業大学, Ōsaka kōgyō daigaku), abbreviated as Dai kōdai (大工大), Han kōdai (阪工大), or Osaka kōdai (大阪工大) is a private university in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. OIT has 3 Campuses, Omiya Campus located in Asahi-ku, Osaka City, Umeda Campus located in Kita-ku, Osaka City and Hirakara Campus located in Hirakata City.

OIT was originally founded in 1922 as Kansai Engineering Technical School by business man Kyosaburo Honjo, together with architect Yasushi Kataoka, who graduated from Tokyo Imperial University (present University of Tokyo) and also served as the school's first principal.

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