Pagaralam, Indonesia

Pagar Alam (sometimes written as Pagaralam, Jawi: ڤاݢر عالم‎), is a city in South Sumatra, Indonesia. Before established as a definitive city, Pagaralam was an administrative city in Lahat Regency. It has an area of 633.66 km² and a population of 126,181 at the 2010 Census and 143,844 at the 2020 Census.

Pagaralam is located by the Bukit Barisan Mountains, at the feet of Mount Dempo, a volcano and the highest mountain in South Sumatra. It is 298 km southwest from the province capital city of Palembang and 60 km southwest of Lahat. The city is bounded by Bengkulu Province to the south, Jarai District to the north, Kota Agung District to the east and Tanjung Sakti Pumi District to the west. Pagaralam is the one of the main suppliers of vegetables in Palembang. Its location in the highland makes the city slightly cooler than many of the other South Sumatra cities; this, together with its astounding landscape, makes the city one of the main tourist destinations in South Sumatra and it is often visited by local tourists, especially from Palembang. Currently, the city is led by Alpian Maskoni as the mayor of the city.

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